Degree Program Cards: These 5x7" postcards are used in place of a catalog, and can be collected by prospective students. The template developed relies on minimal copy and directs the viewer to a custom URL for more information. Departments are organized by color, using a mini-palette of brand colors.  
Stanford Institute of Philanthropy at JFKU: Several templates developed for SIP events; including a 16-page brochure, posters and postcards advertising events, and materials for use at events. 
College of Law: Templates developed for an annual dinner hosted by the College of Law at JFKU. The invitation is a 5x7" card and the program is an 8.5x11" bi-fold brochure. 
Thursday Soapbox : Templates created for a weekly speaker event; materials include a 24x36" poster, a 5x11" bookmark, and other small materials. 
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